The Ultimate List of Awesome Apps for Christians

Over 40 apps to help you study and read your bible on the go.

Updated March 3, 2024

Our team at Twelve has compiled a list of top-notch iOS and Android apps to help you grow in your knowledge and relationship with God. There are sooo many great apps out there, so it is hard to showcase all of them, but we tried to narrow this list down to the best apps that are well designed, content rich, super practical, & well rated.

Please note that just because we are featuring an app, does not mean we endorse every aspect of the people, companies, etc. creating the app or content.

  • Top Pick

    Bible by YouVersion

    With over 400 million downloads, this is by far one of the most popular bible apps in the world. It includes all the core reading features (highlight, bookmark, notes, etc.) you could want, plus content plans to help you dive into different topics.

  • Spark Bible

    Spark Bible is not only really well designed, but it also connects readers with additional learning resources that correlate with each chapter of the Bible.

  • Logos

    Logos is jam-packed with all of the expected study tools and features, but also allows you to dive deep into word studies & original manuscripts. We're big fans of their tab browsing functionality which allows you to open as many resources or bibles as you want side by side.

  • Ascension

    Ascension makes it easy to access all of the teachings of the Catholic Church. It is wonderfully designed and integrates a timeline of history, the catechism. Premium features include classes and additional commentary.

  • NeuBible

    NeuBible is one of the most beautifully designed Bible apps ever. The simple design creates a delightful reading experience, and the unique navigational pattern makes it easy to jump around the Bible.

  • Bible App by Olive Tree

    Olive Tree stood out to us because they allow you to access an immense library of curated resources as you read through scripture.

  • Bible Strong

    Bible Strong is probably one of the most impressive apps on this list by being able to provide a ton of information while maintaining a top-notch user experience. Lexicons, dictionaries, commentary, and more are easily available to access for free.

  • Literal Word Bible

    Literal Word Bible has a simple design that helps you focus on exploring Greek and Hebrew words. It makes it easy to select a word, understand its meaning, and find where it is used throughout the text.

  • Parallel Plus Bible

    The Parallel Bible optimizes itself for Greek & Hebrew word studies, allowing you to do a quick, side-by-side comparison of different bible versions.


    This audio-based bible translates scripture into over 1,300 lanuguages and offers many dynamic readings of scripture you don't want to miss. You can also create & share custom playlists of scripture passages.

  • Streetlights

    Streetlights is a well-produced audio bible. It is really in its own category combining music and ambiance to create a unique listening experience. They also have Spanish translations of the bible, teachings, and music.

  • Holy Bible

    This iOS-only app is beautifully designed, simple to use, & easily customized to fit your reading preferences. For example, font sizes, margins, line spacing, etc. are all customizable.

Reading Plans & Daily Devotionals
  • Top Pick


    BibleProject is rethinking your typical reading plan, breaking the bible into guided movements to help you better meditate on scripture. You can listen and watch BibleProject's incredible content for each movement and collect links to help you remember what you learned.

  • Glorify

    Glorify has five rhythms to complete each day: a quote, passage, devotional, reflection, and prayer. Each of these helps you build a holistic way to connect with God through daily worship. Its design is clean and simple to use.

  • Read Scripture

    This is an incredible year-long reading plan developed by Crazy Love Ministries (Francis Chan). It integrates the Bible Project's must-watch videos that give context & explain themes for each book of the bible.

  • Bible in One Year

    This is a very simple & well-designed app. Each day, it gives you a Psalm or Proverb, and a New & Old Testament reading, which provides a nice cadence & variety to read through the bible in a year.

  • He Reads Truth

    Choose between their popular "Bible in Year" reading plan or one of their many thoughtfully designed reading plans with new content added daily. They've also created beautiful lock screen and background art featuring scripture that you can download for free.

  • She Reads Truth

    This app provides the same kinds of content & functionality as He Reads Truth, except is written by & for women specifically. Some reading plans also include study books for small groups you can order separately if desired.

  • Through The Word App

    This app offers a unique audio experience & guide for each chapter of the bible. Their daily listening plans are only 10 minutes long, which makes it easy to follow along each day.

  • Lectio 365

    Lectio 365 is a well designed daily devotional that guides you through a simple framework called P.R.A.Y. The P.R.A.Y rhythm helps you to take a moment each day to pause, read and reflect on scripture, and pray to God.

  • Top Pick


    Twelve is a super simple app to encourage each other to read the word of God daily. Each day you can snap a photo or screenshot of what you read in scripture to share in a private group with friends.

  • First 5

    This app by Proverbs 31 Ministries is known for their great devotional content, but you can also create a private group to share about what you're reading in an Instagram-like feed.

Listen & Learn
  • Top Pick

    RefNet Christian Radio

    RefNet, an outreach of Ligonier, is a 24-hour Christian radio featuring biblical preaching, bible readings, news, & music. Just click play to start your on-air experience.

  • SermonAudio 2.0

    SermonAudio 2.0 is a podcast app that gives you access to some of the best sermons & messages from a wide range of speakers & theologians. Chances are, if you're looking for audio content by a specific speaker, you'll find it here.

  • Ask Pastor John

    This simple app by John Piper gives you access to his library of audio clips, where Piper answers tough theological & pastoral questions.

  • Enduring Word Commentary

    This robust, 11,000-page commentary gives a verse-by-verse breakdown of scripture. It's a great free resource to have handy when you're digging into the word. Each bible chapter is oulitined by biblical topic.

  • The Gospel Coalition

    TGC app has amassed a ton of biblically informed essays, interviews, videos, podcasts, & more. It's constantly being updated with new content that responds to current conversations & events happening around the world.

  • Note

    There are so many other wonderful, doctrinally sound teachers, pastors, & commentators who have created apps to access their content. We highlighted a few favorites for this section, but it's definitely not a comprehensive list.

  • Top Pick

    RightNow Media

    RightNow Media is the world's largest library of bible study video resources. You can search by topic, books of the bible, author, age, etc.

  • Angel Studios

    Angel Studios features "The Chosen," a highly produced TV series that not only dramatizes the life of Jesus but also captures the humanity & backstory of the characters surrounding him.

  • Sight & Sound TV

    Sight & Sound produces spectacular live performances. The app enables you to watch the previously recorded theatrical performances of Jesus, David, Noah, and more from the comfort of your home.

  • Top Pick


    Brought to you by Zondervan Academic, this app is packed with exclusive educational videos designed for accessible academic study. Choose from a wide variety of topics to study, such as biblical history, Greek, & biblical interpretation. You can try it for free, but it does require a subscription.

  • BiblicalTraining

    With this app, you'll get access to over 2,100 hours of biblical education & classes from top academics & lecturers.

  • AlephBeta

    AlephBeta is led by Rabbi David Fohrman and is intended for a Jewish audience. Its podcasts, videos, and classes are incredibly insightful and will expand your depth and understanding of the Old Testament.

Prayer & Meditation
  • Top Pick


    Dwell's Spotify-like experience allows you to browse & play popular passages or curated scripture-based playlists. You can even customize the voice & background music to enhance scripture meditation.

  • Echo

    Echo is a simple yet powerful app designed to help you keep a consistent rhythm of prayer. You can use the app to keep track of & organize your prayers. You can also share prayers with friends & send them encouraging notes to follow up on their prayer requests.

  • Prayminder

    Creating a healthy rhythm of prayer can be challenging. Prayminder that allows you to create and track your prayers over time. Daily reminders help you create a focused time in the day to talk with God. It's free, has no ads, and has a super-simple interface.

  • Daily Prayer App

    This prayer app uniquely structures prayer rhythms around four times each day. For each of these prayer times, the app gives you template prayers & scriptures to reference if you would like.

  • Pray First

    Pray First has beautifully composed guided prayers that you can read or listen to. You can also create and share a personalized prayer list.

  • Bible & Daily Prayer

    With this app, you can access over 1,500 masterfully produced audio segments, including bible readings, prayer plans, & dynamic story telling.

  • Soul Rest

    Soul Rest is a sleek interface that allows you to listen to different meditations from authors like Glorify, Pray, and Dwell, all in a single spot. You can easily search by title, author, or duration; for each meditation, you can listen and reflect by writing notes.

  • Pray As You Go

    Pray As You Go offers a free daily meditation, including music and a reading of the Bible. The design is honestly not the greatest, but the content is a beautiful way to start your morning.

  • Hallow

    Hallow is a Catholic prayer app that offers audio-guided meditation sessions. It is one of the most beautifully designed apps on this list. The design and audio experiences will help you focus your heart and mind.

  • Soulspace

    Soulspace provides about 5-minute meditations to help you pause and dwell on Jesus. They have meditations on different topics like anxiety, peace, and healing. Note you can listen to daily mediates for free, but other content will be an additional fee.

  • Abide

    This is a meditation app to relieve anxiety, & promote sleep & relaxation with a focus on scripture. Choose between 2, 5, 10, & 15 minute guided meditations.

  • Soultime Christian Meditation

    Soultime is unique in that it offers AI-driven meditation plans. They've designed check-ins & personality tests to customize your experience based on your moods & needs.

Scripture Memorization
  • Top Pick


    Versify allows you to easily select a verse and commit it to memory by completing activities such as reading, filling in the blank, and typing. You can also use flashcards to review verses.

  • Verses

    This app helps you memorize scripture with games. These games build recall skills & keep you motivated with streaks. You can also add friends to private groups & share your progress.

  • Verses for Life

    Verses for Life organizes verses into flash card packs for easy memorization. Each pack is curated around a topic, such as faith, peace, prayer, etc.

  • Malachi Daily

    Malachi Daily is a really interesting way to approach memorization through your inbox. Each week, you will receive a series of emails that contain a particular verse. The verse will increase the fill-in-the-blanks in each email to help you memorize.

  • Top Pick

    New City Catechism

    This is a beautifully designed app to learn the 52 core doctrines of Christian faith via questions and answers. Each Q&A pair includes a short devo commentary written by prominent theologians.

  • Spirit Notes

    Spirit Notes allow you to record a sermon easily and seamlessly take notes simultaneously. It gives you all the features you need to keep your notes organized so you can revisit, reflect & recall information quicker than ever.

  • Biblingo

    Biblingo is similar to the language learning app Duolingo but is focused on teaching you Biblical Hebrew and Greek. It is packed with lessons, flashcards, and interactive assessments to help make learning a new language fun and achievable.

  • Bible App for Kids

    This YouVersion app for kids is designed to cultivate a lifelong love of God's word through engaging animations, interactive activities, & storytelling. It's easy-to-use & features kid-friendly navigation for kids ages 4 & up.

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